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Pictures from the house in Denmark

This page contains 5 albums selected from this front page. They are all from our house in Gjellerup - Denmark. It is from the behavior and pictures from the garden divided by the 4 seasons.

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Kildehøj 85, Herning, Denmark

Pictures of the house in Gjellerup and from the construction

The album contains pictures from the construction of the house in 1984, as well as later additions and pictures of the house.

The album contains 16 photos.


Spring in our garden - year 2002 to now

Spring is one of the best times of the year for me. The sun is about to return, the first flowers come out of the ground, and it is now possible to stay outdoors for a long time. Funny enough, spring is also the time when temperatures can change the most, and some snow can still come on, but never goes on several days at a time.

The album contains 13 photos.

Kildehøj 85, Herning, Denmark

Summer in our garden - year 2002 until now

Summer is unconditional the best time of year, but summer also reminds us that the days are getting shorter. In summer, the sun goes down, but it will never be dark. The sun is in the sky from 3-4 oclock in the morning to 10 oclock in the evening.

The album contains 12 photos.

Kildehøj 85, Herning, Denmark

Autum in our garden - year 2002 until now

Autumn (September - October) may be as good as it may be. There may be many good days of sunshine, but the opposite can also be the case. It's the time of the year, as I often plan the trip to warmer skies.

The album contains 13 photos.

Take the cover of snow

Winter in our garden - year 2002 to now

The winter in Denmark starts right at the end of November and lasts until March. In the winter, the garden can look like this, but is often gray and sad without snow. The day of this season is only 6-7 hours and the sun does not rise higher than 11 degrees in the sky.

The album contains 8 photos.

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