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In this section you will find over 100 photo albums with over 6,000 photos. My photo albums are divided into 4 groups, you can switch between the groups in the menu. It is an album with pictures from my travels both in Denmark, but also from other countries. I live most of the year in Thailand, so many photo albums are of course from Thailand.

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Thailand January - April 2022

Before the trip goes north I must have just picked some of these gorgeous purple mangoes. This is my first harvest of this.

The album contains 50 photos.

Thailand Oktober - December 2021

This folder is from October - December 2021. It was not a month with as many excursions as I could wish for, but a little is probably also right.

The album contains 45 photos.

River Kwai Railway Station

Thailand juni - september 2021

This album contains photos from the end of June 2021 to September 2021. Due to the all-inclusive shutdown from the month of July, I have not been able to travel freely. Restaurants are closed in most of Thailand, so tours have not been possible. However, it turned into a single trip up to the Erawan dam, but everything up there was closed. It is obviously more dangerous to walk one man in the wild than an overrun food market in Bangkok. I resent such stupid attitudes. The country was closed down when you passed 10,000 daily infected, and after 1½ month, that number has doubled, and now you allow some to open again.

The album contains 53 photos.

Deserted street in Hua-Hin

Thailand Marts - June 2021

Spring offered a couple of boat trips down by Pattaya where we fished and swam in it lovely warm sea water. It also turned into a day trip down to the Kaeng Krachang Boathouse with dinner at Lucky Seafood in Cha-Am. In addition, there was time for a few trips to Hua-Hin. The rest of the pictures are here from the house and Samaedam Rd which this year is below renovation.

The album contains 56 photos.

The beach at the end of Soi 67 Hua-Hin New Year

Thailand January - Marts 2021

At the end of January, I was visited by a couple of friends from Denmark. I showed them a bit of the area where I live and I drove with them south to Ban Krut.
At the end of February, I drove north to visit some people, including one I had not seen in 21 years.
This album is from these tours.

The album contains 78 photos.

Soi 67 Hua-Hin, closed due to Corona hysteria

Thailand October - December 2020

After the quarantine stay, I was a few times in Hua Hin which turned out to be one pure ghost town. It also turned into a single boat trip out of Pattaya and around several of the small islands that lie out in the bay.

The album contains 47 photos.

Evening views of Bangkok

Repatriation to Thailand October 2020

P.g.a. The Covid-19 outbreak in the spring, I returned to Denmark a month earlier in the spring. The plan at the time was for all three of us to travel back to Bangkok in late June, but it was canceled. Since then, Thailand has been one of them most closed countries in the world. On September 14, I was approved for a repatriation travel on October 11th. The pictures in this album are from departure and the 14 days in quarantine in Bangkok.

The album contains 17 photos.


Thailand Januar - April 2020

A few weeks after New Year 2020, I traveled once again to Thailand. I'm staying me now more here than in the somewhat colder Denmark. It will not be so many trips around the country, time goes by more to take care of my house over here. It provides, of course not so many pictures, but some will be, and you will be allowed to see them here.
Here at the end of March, the Corona outbreak had now spread to a pure pandemic, and Thailand was shut down completely. I left the country in a hurry on April 4th when it it was clear that there would be a fairly comprehensive curfew, and maybe that's worse.

The album contains 63 photos.

Island south of Ko Si Chang

Thailand Oktober - December 2019

On October 5, 2019, I went to Thailand where I would spend 77 days. It was a trip where I mostly stayed at our house in Bangkok. I had not planned any trips elsewhere, but there was room for a trip down to Cha-Am where I visited some friends and a trip down to Hua-Hin.

The album contains 63 photos.

Moon bridge of wood, Sangkhla Buri, Thailand

Thailand April 2019

This album contains pictures from the last month of this round. At the beginning of the month I was up at the Three Pagodas Pass and a ride up at Sangkhla Buri.

In Sangkhla Buri there is an old wooden bridge that is worth a visit, although it lost some of its charm as it was repaired for approx. 6 years ago. It also became a trip to the lake to revisit the ruins of the ancient Mon temple.

The album contains 50 photos.

Boathouse Paradise, Kaeng Krachang, Thailand

Thailand Februar - Marts 2019

This album is from my trip February and March 2019. It was a couple of months with a few trips south, among other things. down to Ranong to get a new visa. There was also much needed work in the garden.

The album contains 40 photos.

Airplane from Turkish Airline on way to Bangkok

Thailand October - Dcember 2018

The trip to Thailand in winter 2018 became somewhat different from the other years. I left alone because both Angelina and Tukta were prevented from taking along. The trip this year is also a bit shorter, as I had only planned 2 months so I will be home for Christmas this year, which is many years since last.

The album contains 65 photos.

Koh Sing, Thailand

Thailand June - August 2018

The trip to Thailand in the summer of 2018. We had visits from Denmark, Rasmus, Shamila, Fiona and Jennifer. Together we were around and see a lot for them new places. However, a few days after they traveled to Denmark, I was called home when my father was dead. He died 2 days after my return home.

The album contains 75 photos.

Olaf la Cour and family in Bangkok

Thailand January - Marts 2018

This is the 2nd part from the trip to Thailand, winter 2017 / spring 2018. I say goodbye to my wife and daughter who are going to Denmark. I'll take a few more months down here

The album contains 50 photos.

Family la Cour with friends, Hup Palad, Thailand

Thailand October - December 2017

On October 16, I went to Thailand once again. This folder is selected images from the 2½ month. We had visits from some friends from Denmark, so they were out some trips i.a. to the Grand Palace, Safari World in My Buri, a trip to the & quot; Rail of Death & quot; incl. a trip to Hell Fire Pass, Ayutthaya Historical Park, Hup Pa Tat, Weekend market in Bangkok.

The album contains 88 photos.

Olaf la Cour with friend for a ceremony, Bangkok

Thailand July - August 2017

This album contains photos from July. It is among other things memorial ceremony in honor of Tuktas grandmother who died in March 2016. There are 2 memorial celebrations after the funeral, the first 3 months after the fire and the last one year later.

There are also pictures from a couple of trips south, Hat Chao Samran and Bankrut, which is just 200 Km south of Hua Hin.

The album contains 54 photos.

Take off, Billund Airport, Denmaek

Thailand Juni 2017

We have been here for a little week now. The time has come for cleanup and cleaning, not just here in the house, but spec. In the neighboring house where the in-laws live. On Sunday, the 3rd memorial ceremony will be held for the old deceased patriarch, a party that probably far exceeds what she experienced through her 99-year-long life.

The album contains 17 photos.

Hell Fire Pass, Sai Yok, Thailand

Sai Yok 2017

From January 31 to February 2, I was a dirt out at Sai Yok, the railway station

The album contains 40 photos.

BanPhe Pier, ferry terminal to Koh Samet

Koh Samed 2017

On January 18, I spent a couple of nights on Koh Samet, one of the islands I have never been to. The trip was a so-so experience. There was mess everywhere, and as an island you should expect fresh produce from the sea. They all used to cut the tourists, and when they saw the many people there were on a couple of ordinary weekdays, some of the glory of it. The hike went over Jomtien with a single overnight stay

The album contains 30 photos.

Rail of Death, Sai Yok, Thailand

Kanchanaburi 2017

Pictures from our trip to Kanchanaburi 3-5. January 2017

The album contains 30 photos.

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