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In this section you will find over 100 photo albums with over 6,000 photos. My photo albums are divided into 4 groups, you can switch between the groups in the menu. It is an album with pictures from my travels both in Denmark, but also from other countries. I live most of the year in Thailand, so many photo albums are of course from Thailand.

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On 13 May 2022 at 10:00, Angelina finished her last exam, IB at Ikast Gymnasium. It was 1 hour at school where the hat came on her head and a bottle of bubbles with strawberries as well as chocolate was consumed. In the evening it stood at a small party here in the house for the closest friends.

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The album contains 21 photos.

Krudttårnet, Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn - 2020

I was in Frederikshavn in June 2020, where I was invited to see Markus af Nuuk, one of Polar Seafood's new trawlers. Actually, it is not a trawler at all, but a floating factory. It also turned into a quick visit to Bangsbo and Pikkerbakken. The trip ended with a visit to the Penna's restaurant in Rønnerhaven, the northern marina with the palm trees. Before the trip went towards Herning, we then drove right past Nordre Skanse.

The album contains 31 photos.

The ruins of Kaas Briketfabrik

Blokhus 2020

In the month of July we went for a walk in a holiday home in Rødhus beach. It also turned into a visit to Blokhus.

The album contains 17 photos.

Wood that has been felled.

Springtime in Denmark 2018

A couple of weeks after I got home from Thailand, I got a lot of wood burned. All I had to do was remove some branches. These were tiled down on the spot. It took exactly 4 weeks to drive it home, cleavage save it. I have calculated the total value of wood for approx. 10,000 Dkr

The album contains 20 photos.

Harbour of Tunoe, Denmark

A trip to Tunoe 2014

I was on Tunø on September 3rd the first and only time this year. The weather was amazing, look here.

The album contains 24 photos.

Olaf la Cour with friends on my balcony

Lords eve on the terrace 2013

A little different evening. We drove over to Hassan in the belief we were going to dinner. We had just arrived when the wife asked for the keys to "Daddy" Audi, she had forgotten to buy something. After an hour, I began to wonder why there was no food and Tuktas absence. I sent an SMS and asked if the thank you card was not burnt hot. There was no answer. Later, Hassan's wife-Fariba came and announced that we should not eat here at all, but drive over to Anders. Hassan and I came to Anders's house, but he was a big question and doing some painting. Yes, we should not eat either. Now we were 3 sent out on a new drive, a drive that ended by myself. We walked around in

The album contains 17 photos.

Olaf la Cour beside airplane, Herning airport, Den

Midtjylland seen from the air 2013

On 7-8-2013 I was invited on a small gentle trip over Midtjylland and the weather was with us.

The album contains 79 photos.

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