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In this section you will find over 100 photo albums with over 6,000 photos. My photo albums are divided into 4 groups, you can switch between the groups in the menu. It is an album with pictures from my travels both in Denmark, but also from other countries. I live most of the year in Thailand, so many photo albums are of course from Thailand.

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Olaf la Cour in Vietnam

Thailand & Vietnam January 2019

When I arrived at the Embassy in Bangkok for a statement of income, it soon became clear that I could not get a visa for a whole year as usual, and I therefore had to go on a visa run sometimes. This album features pictures from the first few weeks and my trip to Saigon in Vietnam, a trip that was a consequence of Thailand's unwillingness to have me as a guest.

The album contains 53 photos.

Ta Prohm - Siem Reap

Ta Prohm in Siem Reap 2016

The last of the 4 temples - Take Prohm. The temple was built in the late 1200s / early 1300s.

The album contains 29 photos.

Banteay Srei - Siem Reap

Banteay Srei in Siem Reap 2016

Then we have reached Banteay Srei, approx. 20 Km north of Angkor Wat. The very special thing about this temple is the color of the rocks it is built of. The temple is built in the last half of the year 900

The album contains 19 photos.

Bayon - Siem Reap

Bayon in Siem Reap 2016

Then we have come to The Bayon, a temple built in the late 1200s / early 1300s.

The album contains 28 photos.

Angkor Wat - Siem Reap

Angkor Wat in Siem Reap 2016

Angkor what temples consist of many, of which 3 are worth visiting. The rest is closed or not worth spending time unless you have a good time. There are 215 temples in all. The first thing we saw was Angkor Wat, the most beautiful and most well-preserved, built in the 12th century. We arrived from the west end, over a long sandstone road. It was previously repaired by the French, ie. Before the war in the 70s. Outside it is surrounded by large water pools. They were here making the northern part. Also within the walls there was repair work, something that will last for many decades or maybe a hundred years. It is in an area that fills 1 km². It was originally dedicated to Hindu god "Visn

The album contains 42 photos.

Bones of Cambodians executed by Pol Pot - Siem Rea

The trip to Cambodia 2016

On January 9, I went to Siem Reap to see the great temples - Angkor Wat. It is the world's largest, and the city was once the world's largest city with 130,000 residents.

We left at 06:00. And arrived at the border (Krong Poi Pet) at noon. There was a leben second to none, with truck after truck carrying goods to Cambodia. They get 70% of everything from Thailand. Passport control was reasonable as the guide had the opportunity to skip the queue (an additional service that could bring good money) and after an hour we were ready. Visa cost 1,500 Thb (300 dkr), for Thai people it is free.

We did kept at Phkay Proek Restaurant, nothing special, and at 3.3

The album contains 32 photos.

Cress, Croatia

Croatia 2004

We were that year on a 3 week long vacation in Croatia, bringing our boat Kon-Tiki. The tour started on July 9th and ended on July 31st.

The album contains 46 photos.

Olaf la Cour, the pyramids outside Cairo, Egypt

Easter break in Hurgarda 2002

I spent this Easter holiday this year in Egypt, where I saw the pyramids. It also went to dives.

The album contains 22 photos.

Olaf la Cour at the waterfall north of Obrovac, Cr

Summer 1999 - Croatia

From Karinsko Lake to Obrovac. In the summer of 1999 I sailed for the first time from Karinska to Obrovac, and a few Km further up the river. Here the trip ended at a waterfall. The trip is repeated a few years later. From Šušnjar in Karinsko, the trip went out through the narrow alley into Novigradsko bay. From here you can sail all the way to the Adriatic Sea with Pag on the backside, and the mainland on the starboard side. It was the bridge over the narrow canal that was bombed during the Balkan War in 1990 - 1995. On the way back it went up to the northern end where the bridge to the mainland is and on to Posedarje In the northwestern corner of the lake.

The album contains 14 photos.

The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Brandenburg Gate

The Berlin Walls fall 1989

In November 1989 the wall of Berlin fell. I was here on this very special day. I drove to Berlin early on Sunday morning. In Hamburg I bought a city map of Berlin, but was advised to drive home again by the tankpasser. However, I did not let that deter myself. From Hamburg to Berlin it smelled bad of the many trabants that were driving the other way. The passport took an hour, and then it went straight to Berlin, directly to the Brandenburg Gate on the 17th of June Strasse, which was renamed November 9th Strase. There were cars everywhere, and I got my car thrown at the helleanlæg up to the Brandenburg Gate. The last couple of Km I had to go on this sunbathing but a little co

The album contains 13 photos.

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