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Naturism in Thailand

As a rule, naturalism is not allowed in Thailand. Nudity is simply not legal in public places. But that does not mean there is no naturalism culture in the country, because it is there.

There is an association in Thailand where you can be interested. It is called Naturist Association Thailand(NAT). It doesn't cost to sign up, and you can always see if you want to pay and get some more rights. It is run by Gregors Møller and they also run a naturist resort in the north of Bangkok (Barefeet). There are several naturist resorts scattered throughout the country and you can see them all here on the site.

There have been several naturist resorts in different places in the country, which eg. Lumra in the south, and Phuan Naturist Village between Pattaya and Rayong. During the Covid-19 epidemic, some had to turn the key.

There are also many beaches in southern Thailand where there is only so far between the houses that you simply have the beach for themselves. However, always have a towel in the vicinity if a Thaier should appear.

Active map showing naturist resorts in Thailand

Naturist resorts i Thailand

Below is a description as well as photos of the naturist resorts in Thailand I have visited. There have been several, but the Corona epidemic has meant the closure of several resorts.

Barefeet Resort er beliggende i den nordlige del af Bangkok

Det ældste naturist resort - Chan Resort er beliggende i den sydlige del af Pattay - (Jomtien)