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About nude culture - why be naked?

Most people are naked when they take a shower. Some are like me, naked when they sleep. You can also just be naked when you feel natural. You can be completely naturally naked - simply free of clothes - without putting anything more complicated or sexual in it. Being naked with others for the first time can be a great victory. But most people quickly forget the insecure feeling of nudity and it becomes a pleasant experience that they feel like repeating. For some, it's simply about being free of clothes when it's impractical or comfortable to be naked. It can be as winter baths, on the beach in summer or at home in the garden. For some, social nudity means a change in their relationship to their own body and to the diversity of others. For many, having a relaxed relationship with their body increases their self-esteem.

Many experience greater openness and honesty with other people and become more social and happy. It can strengthen the identity to experience oneself without a facade of clothes. Along with other naked people, you become aware of the incredible variation between bodies - and you discover that very few resemble Miss Universe.

Social nudity can become a lifestyle for mental health. Common to all who enjoy being naked is the experience of freedom by being free of clothing and of the culture's narrow definition of the body as a sex object. Freedom to just be oneself without "additives". Freedom to meet others as they are. One can be naked in all sorts of ordinary and everyday contexts, provided one does not offend and offend others. In the West, we perceive nudity as an expression of the most authentic and natural a human being can be, but this is far from the case in e.g. the Asian culture, here nudity is forbidden and shameful. I want to promote a culture where nudity is free, natural and neutral. I distance myself from nudity, where one does not take others into account or even seeks to offend or show off.

Some ask - what do you do if you are naked? I would say you do the same as if you are wearing clothes - IF it is possible of course. This also depends on whether these are people you know in advance. The first time but is naked with others should be with someone you know, someone you trust, someone who will help you through the first nervousness. Maybe boys think that what do I do if I get stubborn .... at least that's what often happens the first few times for some boys. Either you pretend like nothing, or - if you feel shy, you take a shower and jump in the pool or the water if that is an option. The pool will often be so cool that it puts a damper. However, I do not mind seeing a stiff cock, and not at all if it is a cute little shaved cock. It's not a problem girls have, but it's my experience that girls are actually far less likely to be naked with others, which is a shame.

If you have been naked with others, then you have also experienced that a very large part is clean shaven, both cock and balls - and pussy for the girls. It is my very clear view that they all want others to be able to look at them "un-wrapped", everything is visible to others. A clean-shaven person has gone all in, and they do not mind showing themselves naked, just as they do not mind others taking pictures. But taking pictures is something you always have to make sure ...! Personally, I do not care, people can take all the pictures they want and they can show them to others if they want.

I am clean shaven, and have been for most of my life, it has become a lifestyle you can safely say. A few years ago I had most of my hair removed by a laser treatment, but since I have small hair, it takes time for the hair to stop growing. I was circumcised in 1998, something I have never regretted. The feeling of clothes that touch the shine has diminished over the years, but it does not spoil the pleasure when I am with others, e.g. on a boat trip.

Naturism and sex are quite often mixed together, but let me say it immediately, the two things have ONLY one thing in common, that you are naked in both situations ... no more - no less. In addition, we rarely know the sexual preferences of others ... we do not know if they are straight, bisexual or gay, and we do not know at all what the other turns on. So in public places you keep your fingers to yourself, even if you know each other.

Olaf la Cour, naked on balcony