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- you probably know many things, but do you know all the rules?

Take a dip - you can do more than you think

There are plenty of possibilities for swimming at the Danish coasts, in lakes and in the harbor bath. You have to swim most places along the Danish coast all day. The Outdoor Council guides you to the possibilities, so you get more out of the summer.

Denmark has 7,300 kilometers of coastline, and you have to swim almost everywhere, so there are plenty of good experiences to find in the summer heat. But there are unfortunately many Danes who do not know. For example, every third does not know, according to a survey by the Outdoor Council, that one must stay on a private beach and bathe there. Two out of three do not think you have to be there at night.

"Unfortunately, many believe that there are more limitations than it really is and then we miss some opportunities for good experiences. When it comes to bathing, it's actually easier to say what you can not than what you have to do, because there are so many opportunities for a cool dip, "says Jan Ejlsted, Director of the Outdoor Council, who works to give the Danes good opportunities for outdoor experiences.

Although a beach is privately owned, you may want to go swimming there. You may also want to settle down with a towel and food basket if there is only at least 50 meters to the nearest accommodation. You must also turn on firewood on ungrown beach widths or use the stove or grill and enjoy the sunset - and a little more.

"On the beach you have to be around the clock and even stay overnight. You just can not beat a tent or something that looks like, "says Jan Ejlsted.

Swim in a forest lake

There are also many lakes in Denmark where the water is so clean that you can swim - and you may want to. Lakes that are publicly owned, you must swim throughout the day.

"Here you can take a moonlight dip between the rivers in the lake. And it can be a very special nature experience in the summer's bright nights, "says Jan Ejlsted's invitation.

There may be local prohibitions, conservation or other restrictions shown by signs, and if the lake is privately owned, only bath if there is more than one owner of the width and if you can come down to the lake by roads and paths. There must also be at least 150 meters to the nearest residence if there is a lake in the woods and you must not be there at night.

"There are places in Denmark that you can not bathe, but it is usually for the sake of the seeker's safety. For example, swimming in port areas may be prohibited due to sailing and mooring holes that may be "bottomless", cold or filled with dirt, "says Jan Ejlsted, Director of the Outdoor Council.

Whatever you bathe, of course, always remember to think about safety and use reason. Learn the bathing councils of the Council for Bathing Safety and TrygFonden and you are well on your way.

The Outdoor Council's campaign Discover more - use nature to provide information about the possibilities of nature opportunities. You can find out more about the rules at

Did you know…

• ... that you want to bathe naked on Danish beaches? But pay attention to other beach visitors - you must not be offensive to others. There are also beaches with special space for naturists See more at Danish Naturists.
• ... that in Denmark there are more than 200 beaches that have a blue flag, which indicates that there are good facilities, safety equipment and clean bathing water. Find them at
• ... you must have dogs on the beach in the summer months. Municipalities can also divorce that does not allow dogs on the beach at all, nor is it allowed to have dogs on Blue Flag beaches.
• ... that you can always check the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's overview of clean bathing water and DMI bathing water temperatures.

Source: Danish use of nature, Outdoor Council 2014

Background Info

The beach / coast is the second most popular place when the Danes go to nature just after the forest. Most Danes know that you have to travel on public beaches, but only half that you have to spend the night without breaking up. But when it comes to private beaches, we are far more autorrustroro, here it is only:

• 40% who know that walking is possible
• 24% who know that bathing is permitted
• 26% that it is allowed to "stay" if there are more than 50 meters to the nearest residential building
• 10% that it is allowed to stay overnight and switch fire if there are more than 50 meters to the nearest occupancy.

Source: Danish use of nature, Outdoor Council 2014