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Some play candy-crush, others mess with web pages. I built my first webpage shortly after the internet came on the streets in 1992, ie 28 years ago. It is a project that has never really stood still, and I always find things I can improve / redo, even if there are longer and longer between innovations.

Should you be missing a web page, but either don't have the resources to get one done or don't even have the courage to get started, consider whether you can use the setup that I have developed over the years. We'll probably find out the price. Below is a description of what the web page contains.

The page consists of two parts, the actual web page that is publicly accessible and a section from which the page is managed. The latter is closed hermetically and it can be locked to your IP address, so it is impossible to access it from elsewhere. It can also only be closed down so access can only be done from Denmark, still with a password. From the closed section, there are a whole series of small scripts that can be selected from / to as needed. It is e.g. diary, account of electricity, water and heat, food recipes, calendar with birthdays, holidays etc., password generator which also remembers all your passwords, reminder list for house and garden.

The website itself is built in ASP / bootstrap so everything is displayed equally well whether it is on a huge screen or a small mobile phone. The site follows all of Google's requirements including "Mobile first".

Unlimited pages can be built, all with unlimited languages. A menu is created that either only applies to a single page, or more as desired. Each page can have its own HTML tags (titles, descriptions and keywords). If there are pages that require special construction, then it is also possible. This applies, for example. for photo albums where there is automatically "Find Photos". It makes it easy to make new albums. They can be built in several ways, either with unlimited albums or limited ones.

You can log in so that a user can access special pages. There is a contact form so you don't run the risk of your email address being intercepted and being used for spamming. Of course, a file can be attached. There are statistics on everything, where visits come from and which pages are viewed the most. Links can be created that take the visitor to an exact page, and this link will, for example, take you to a page that shows a little about the page structure.

Up to 30% of all traffic on the Internet are so-called "robots" that constantly scan the world's websites. These robots are sorted so that they do not affect the counters. Some should not have access to your web page at all, and you can show them a blank page that simply says "Thank you for your visit" or what you now think should be.

The website must be hosted by, previously called The reason is that there is a difference between what programs they have and I don't want to make major changes to the many scrips. Here you get all the e-mail addresses you could wish for. is probably busy, but then there are many other possibilities. You also get a place where you can upload pictures from an alarm camera.

Page structure

The page is structured in sections, these are fixed frameworks for every page.

Headline appears with a self-selected photo.

Top menu is customized for each page

Bottom content can be rotating images if used.

Under bottom content, for example, visitors' comments to the page may be displayed. Copyright is also located here

Bottom menu are pages that can be accessed everywhere, and not pages that are linked to a single page.

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