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Extended access to my web page

You have the opportunity to get a personal login to my website. With a personal login you can access all pages and you can see as many pages as you want. Without being logged in, you can NOT view more than 100 pages / single photos a day. This has been necessary to avoid SPAM robots.

You also get access to far more photo albums. They are called "Historical Pictures".

My website is called "My life in pictures", and since I am a naturist, the site also contains a certain amount of naturist pictures of myself. Some of them are only accessible if you are logged in, depending on where in the world you live.

With a personal login, you can also receive my newsletters, which I send out twice a year, one for Christmas and the other at the end of June. In my newsletter, I tell a little about what's new on my website, but also a little about what has happened in my life in the six months that have passed. The newsletter will always have a link to the latest page. You decide on "Your page" whether you want a newsletter or not, just as you can decide whether you want access to the naturist pages or not.

Your data is NOT something I pass on to others and your data is stored securely. You order a personal login here

You do not have to know me, but maybe you will.

Olaf la Cour

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