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My Resorts and Hotels

Here is my list of resorts and hotels that I have visited over the years. At the top you will find a Google map where you can find information about the different places. In the menu you can choose between the 3 areas into which they are divided, Bangkok and surroundings, northern Thailand and southern Thailand.

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Hotel Silver Sand - Pattaya

The album is being prepared, but you are welcome to see the photos.

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Hotel Embryo

Hotel Embryo has two departments, the old (wing 1) and the newer (wing 2). We were lodged in the new wing. Rooms and corridors were devoid of any form of decoration. The room was nice, but not flashy.

Access to the pool on the roof used to be from the old wing, a bridge between the two buildings would be beneficial.

The breakfast, like so many other places, is only something that satisfies the worst hunger. The fruit table was beautifully decorated - with plastic fruit! Come on...

The album contains 9 photos.

Greenhill resort

Hotel Green Hill is a relatively new hotel. It is located on a very large area, 2,000 Rai (320 Ha) Seen in that light, it can only surprise me that the hotel buildings are built block apart from each other - WITHOUT a view. That is a "redo".

The hotel offers several activities, including ATV driving. The breakfast is like so many other places, only something that satisfies the worst hunger. They have acquired a large oven for baking pizza, in which they could properly make good breakfast bread, instead of that bland toast bread.

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Gold Airport Suites

Situated less than 4 km from Suvarnabhumi airport, this hotel is located at Gold Airport Suites. It is not a hotel you are in for several days, but it is perfect for an overnight stay in connection with a flight. The hotel offers a shuttle service to the airport at all hours of the day. There is no restaurant in the hotel, but right next door you can buy some food and drink.

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Phuan Naturist Village

Between Sattahip and Jomtien, this resort is just off the road. There is not much else in the area, in addition to a few houses. The site changed owner in 2017, at the same time transforming it into a naturist resort. I visited the place on February 20, 2018, it was a Tuesday and I had the resort to myself, a bit too boring I think. The resort has 6 large double rooms, each accommodating at least 4 people (2 rooms). They are located around the pool. Next to the road there are 5 small cozy wooden bungalows, but you need a good sleeping heart as they are located a few meters from the road.

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The Mermaid Beach Resort

The Mermaid Beach Resort is a slightly older Danish-built hotel in the north of Jomtien beach. There is good parking and it is just 100 meters from the beach. Pricing is in the middle class.

The album contains 6 photos.

Barefeet Naturist Resort

Close to the old airport in Bangkok you will find this resort - Barefeet Naturist Resort and Spa. As the name says, it's a naturist resort and it's no bigger than the owners can be family-run with the guests. You can rent single rooms for 1,600 Thb per person. 24-hour or double rooms for 2,400 Thb per person. day. As of October 2017, the resort has been expanded, i.a. with a brand new swimming pool.

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