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My travelogue

Here is my list of attractions I have visited over the years. There is a Google Card attached to each location and at the bottom of each folder, you can find more information in some of the locations

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In 1996, Hell Fire was reopened. This was done through cooperation between the Australian and Thai government. The entire railroad was closed for a long time, but a couple of the old lane bodies have found their way back. Here and here there are some of the old sleepers. Link to a page about the work to reopen this stretch for the public.

The walk down from the museum takes place several hundred steps. The staircase is beautiful and well-executed, but due to The many steps, the trip is not recommended for walking difficulties.

This tree is just overthrown, but continues to grow. On my next visit (January 2017) it was no longer to be seen.

In advance, the difficult part of the passport is seen. A tree that started to grow me on the line shows that there have been no trains here for many years.

The roots of the tree with enough space for children to walk through the tree.

The view here is absolutely breathtaking.

All channels for blasting the rocks are cut by hand tools

Here a chisel got stuck and cracked. It has undoubtedly cost him life as the Japanese were inconsiderate

At the end of the Hell Four Pass, this memory is raised. You can go on foot much longer if you want to enjoy nature in this quiet corner of the world.

The view from the building where the trip starts is outstanding. Here you stand out on a glass slope and can look out and down the slope.

It is possible to book a table, the telephone number is shown here. Note that the new parking space built in 2018 approx. 100 meters east of the old one....

Here is the old route that can be wet during the rainy season.

As seen here, the old route is not particularly suitable for people who are poorly walking, but you look more at the beautiful nature.

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North: 14.352635 / East: 98.954775

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