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My travelogue

Here is my list of attractions I have visited over the years. There is a Google Card attached to each location and at the bottom of each folder, you can find more information in some of the locations

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First stop from Bangkok must definitely be the cemetery with the many memories. It is located close to the bridge over the Kwai River.

As can be seen in this picture, the area is nicely kept. There is free entrance.

The many thousands of tombstones are the same, and where it has been possible their ethnicity is stated.

All fallen Americans have moved to Arlington.

On King Buhmipol's birthday on December 5th, a magnificent sound and light show is often set on the bridge. This year there was also a watch tower with the Japanese flag up in the middle of the bridge. After the king's death on October 13, 2016, it is unclear what will happen here.

In this section of the railway, the track is built on the teak beam Wang Poo bridge) and the train is not running stronger than you can go ahead. The train will take place at a station called Tham Kra Sae, and you can take a break overnight on the other side of the Kwai River. Simply ask, simply sail over to the resort "Ban Rim Kwai" or River Kwai Village Hotel as it is also called. If you come to the weekend it may be a good idea to book a room.

Nam Tok, terminal station until 2016 where it was extended up to Sai Yok

A walk on the railway is no problem. The driver at the road is people on the track, and there is a long time before the train is running smoothly.

Here you can really see how the path is glued to the rocks. Below is the river, and even though it is high above the river, the concrete structure is covered by water when the river crosses its widths from time to time.

This is the main street of Nam Tok, a small dusty city.

Since the late 40's, the train has not traveled longer than to Nam Tok, but in 2016 the track was extended to Sai Yok, so you can use the track up to this popular place. This is from Nam Tok, and this track crossing is brand new.

Here is the train on the way from Nam Tok up to Sai Yok

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