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Here is my list of attractions I have visited over the years. There is a Google Card attached to each location and at the bottom of each folder, you can find more information in some of the locations

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The walk into the open cave starts with a walk through a cave, approx. a few hundred meters. Then you enter a cave that is open. There are actually some animals that have strayed into the cave, but otherwise it consists of old untouched nature. A path has been made around the cave

There are several large and rare palm trees in the cave. Wrapped trees will, as far as possible, be allowed to lie untouched.

Here stands Shamila and gives it as "The Little Mermaid" on the root of a large tree. I guess the tree is well over 100 years old.

Here is the footpath that goes all the way around the cave.

The cave is divided into two parts, separated by larger rocks that have fallen down many years ago, but also drip deposits.

A tree that has been overturned many years ago has, like all other things, been allowed to remain.

Also, creepers that over time have climbed over the footpath have been allowed to stay.

Then we are back at the entrance which consists of rocks with drip deposits. There are some bats cave.

Here is the bat close by

A few hundred meters north of the cave there is in another but much smaller cave a buddha figure, something you can see all over in caves and caves in Thailand.

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North: 15.37674 / East: 99.634436

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