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My travelogue

Here is my list of attractions I have visited over the years. There is a Google Card attached to each location and at the bottom of each folder, you can find more information in some of the locations

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A houseboat with floating balcony.

The path from the parking lot to the river is approx. 400 meters long, and goes through beautiful nature, including you can see a lot of small streams that end at the waterfalls

View from the forest just before the bridge.

There are a variety of tropical trees, for example. This with its many roots supports the tree solidly.

This company has chosen to lean on the river. Slowly, but surely.

The area has a very large amount of houseboats which can be rented for one or more days. Other of the houseboats are furnished as floating restaurants.

The rock formations extend beyond the water....

The rock formations extend beyond the water.

The sailing trip south of the bridge consists of a number of beautiful rock formations.

Here you can see the houseboat close, ready for a refreshing dip under the waterfall. If you jump into the water here, you must be aware that there is a strong current.

One of the waterfalls south of the bridge. One of the many houseboats has anchored up the waterfall.

The new bridge across the river. Here are a few Chinese tourists who would be photographed with my father. It is quite normal.

One of the northern waterfalls

A river in complete tranquility.

- several rooms for rent

- with bamboo hanging over the water.

Another waterfall

This is the waterfall that can be seen from the bridge....

Today the river is almost the patch with houseboats renting rooms.

This is the waterfall that can be seen from the bridge.

A collection of houseboats north of the largest waterfall

The current is strong, so when one of the houseboats has to be moved, something has to be done with the long boat to get it back in place.

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Information about this place:

North: 14.435406 / East: 98.85121

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