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My travelogue

Here is my list of sights that I have visited in recent years. At the top you will find a Google map where you can find information about the different places. In the menu you can choose between the 3 areas into which they are divided, Bangkok and surroundings, northern Thailand and southern Thailand.

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Google map showing where the photos were taken

Ko Ku Dee

A series of pictures from a sailing trip out to Ko Ku Dee, which is 4.5 km east of Samed Island

The album contains 7 photos.

Talad Rom fold-out market

Talad Rom fold-out market at Maeklong railway in Samut Songkhram

The album contains 6 photos.


Golden Mountain (Phu Khao Thong)

Phu Khao Thong (“Golden Mountain”, ภูเขาทอง) is a steep artificial hill inside the Wat Saket connection. Rama I's grandson, King Rama III (1788–1851), decided to build a chedi of enormous dimensions inside Wat Saket, but the chedi collapsed during construction because the soft soil of Bangkok could not carry the weight. Over the next few decades, the abandoned mud and brick structure took the form of a natural hill and became overgrown with weeds. The locals called it phu khao (ภูเขา), as if it were a natural feature. During the reign of King Rama IV, the construction of a small chedi began on the hill.

The album contains 16 photos.

Loha Prasat

Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan (Loha Prasat)

Loha Prasat, which means iron castle or iron monastery (โลหะปราสาท), is composed of five towers, of which the outer, middle and the center towers contain large black iron spires. The 37 virtues that are required to reach enlightenment are signified by 37 golden spires. The 36-meter-high (118 ft) multi-tiered structure consists of 3 levels, the bottom one has 24 spires, the middle one 12 and the top level has 1 spire. There were two other similar structures which previously existed in the world. Modelled after the earlier ones in India and Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, both of which no longer exist. It contained 1,000 rooms with a gold

The album contains 15 photos.

Bangkok Sea View

svdfvgJust over 100 meters away in Bangkok Bay is Bangkok Sea View. It is located in the Bangkhun Tian district. You get there by boat, where you sail well 6 Km with the restaurant's own boats. The trip there is in itself an experience. You sail in canals that connect all the many pieces of land that are all under water. In some of them, there are shrubs, but most are deserted. Along the canals live a lot of people, so there is both electricity and water supply. The canal is dug many years ago and connects the Tha Chinf River that runs out at Samut Sakhon with the Chaophrya River that runs through Bangkok.
Note that the GPS position indicates the starting point for the trip. T

The album contains 8 photos.

Chatuchak weekend market

In the north of Bangkok you will find the world's largest weekend market - Chatuchak weekend market. It is open Saturday and Sunday from noon. 06:00 to 18:00. The market consists of 15,000 stands and it is visited every weekend of approx. 200,000 people.

Here you can shop with virtually everything, many kinds of food, clothes, jewelry, new and used books, vintage, antiques, handicrafts, ceramics, porcelain, pets, pets, etc., plants and garden tools. In recent years there have also been several stalls with massage in cooled rooms. Many come from southern Thailand to buy the souvenirs sold on the beaches south. This is where you can do some good business.

The album contains 12 photos.

Dragon Villa

It's probably limited what's to see in Suphan Buri, a city about 100 Km north of Bangkok. But there is this Chinese city. It is well-attended to the Chinese feast.

The album contains 18 photos.

Safari World

In the northeast of Bangkok lies Safari World, a very large open zoo. The largest part of the park is open and the animals are walking in between. At the northern end, the most dangerous animals are behind fences, and here you have to stay in the car behind coiled windows.

Another part of the park is a large area of entertainment where you can see the different animals being displayed for pure entertainment. Personally, I think the dolphin show is the absolute best, I know it's hard to learn elephants something.

The album contains 20 photos.

Phra Chulachomklao Fort

At the mouth of the river Chao Phraya lies some of the Navy - Phra Chulachomklao Fort. There is access for the public to the old-fashioned mining drinker. It is left behind by the japans after World War II, and has been part of Thailand's defense for many years. Next to the mine striker there is a restaurant, good local food at real low prices.

The album contains 6 photos.

100 years Rim Nam Market

About 30 Km north of Suphan Buri you will find this old market - "100 years Rim Nam Market". It is located right down to the Tha Chim River, which leads down west of Bangkok in Samut Sakhon. As the name suggests, it's over 100 years old, but very popular.

The album contains 7 photos.

The island of Ko Cret

North of Bangkok, there is a fun little island on a few Km2-Ko Crete. The island originated in 1722 when one dug a channel to direct the large amounts of water from Chao Phraya to the sea. On the island there are several temples, including a Muslim. The island has a production of toys, and it is possible to buy a souvenir that is locally produced.

The album contains 5 photos.

Grand Palace

Grand Palace is one of the places there is a must see is The Grand Palace. Remember visiting temples that you do not come in shorts but long pants. And women should have shoulders covered. This applies to all the public temples like this. Hours: Daily from kl. 8.30-15.30, however, closed holidays.

The album contains 6 photos.

The floating market

In Bangkok and its surroundings there are several floating markets. They were important many years ago, but today only work as tourist attractions. The most famous is Damnoen Saduak which is located approximately 50 Km south-west of Bangkok. The easiest way to get there is by renting a taxi. It costs approx. 100, - Dkr for a single trip, but the hotels also arrange the tours.

Man sails to the market through channels in long boats. The tours can be bought as 1 or 2 hours. You do not have to wait until 13:14 because it's too closed. I revisited the market on December 7, 2022.

The album contains 17 photos.

Bai Yoke

Inside the center of Bangkok is the big Baiyoke Hotel, Thailand's tallest building. On the upper floors there are 3 restaurants open to all, even if you do not stay at the hotel. On one of the top floors there is an exhibition about the building and at the top a view tower where you have a formidable view over the city.

The album contains 7 photos.

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