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Invitation to sauna evening

If you fancy a sauna evening with sauna gus, then write to me and we will have an evening. I live in Herning, so it's an advantage if you don't live too far away.
Towels are provided in the sauna and can accommodate 2-3 guests. Cold showers are in front of the sauna, as we can hardly expect fresh snow :-)
Personally, I do not think swimwear belongs in a sauna, and I am naked like that of the pictures, but I respect if others will not be naked.

Write to me here if you would like a night out in my company, or maybe just want to see the sauna.

In front of the sauna, there is the possibility to take a shower, and if the weather is up, you can sit in front of the sauna and get a cold beer or a glass of wine.

The sauna has a wood-fired oven that allows larger amounts of water to be poured on without problems like with electric ovens. It's perfect for saunas.

"My" bench, but there are 2 benches more

Welcome to "saunagus"

Then I just wait for the snow to lay down. It was in the beginning of May, not just one day when one expects snow.

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