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Tunø - A small island in the bay of Aarhus

In beginning of the summer and late summer we often fly to the little beautiful island of Tunø. The island is visited by thousands of boats each year. The island is completely car free, so you want a quiet and fun weekend, this is where you have to go over. It's an island just after our heart. There is a small tent near the harbor, and you do not have a boat yourself, it is relatively easy to get back and forth with the ferry. There sail a couple of times a day. Remember to book a room during the high season.


Every year there is a tuna festival, and you can go dry in the harbor. It is simply packed entirely with both. In early September there is a harbor party, which also attracts a lot of people. If you get a little out of season, it's wise to bring the cookware yourself, because even though the island has an inn, do not expect it to be open. Crofter can easily take a week's vacation even though the high season has just started ....! Proviant can be bought at the local grocery store, and finally there is of course also "The Old Dairy" and "Stalden" where you can buy both drinks and get the worst hunger put.

The island is also visited by many divers every year, and when we are over there it happens that there will be a walk in the water after a couple of plaice. Unfortunately, as everywhere else in the inner Danish waters, it is almost possible to find. Robbery and pollution have set a point for this.

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