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In the mid 80's, I got what someone calls a hobby. After many trips where I always went for the concept of Sol-Strand-Water, I got the interest in underwater sports. For many years, though, I had had photography as a kind of hobby, but it didn't go with all the time. This hobby now came into a new era, as I started working on image material on computer. At the same time, I had begun to photograph underwater.

The dolphin in Holstebro became the club where I learned to dive. There was probably a club in Herning, but at that time the swimming pool was under renovation, which some might remember. Besides looking at what moved under the sea surface, I also found it exciting to photograph underwater. This later became one of my many hobbies. In Denmark, the most exciting thing in my opinion is to dive on the many wrecks that are scattered all over the country.

In 1990, I bought this motor boat - a 17 foot speedboat. It was ideal to take along also south, and with it it became possible to unite the many interests: diving, photography and a boat trip. The boat was called "Kon-Tiki" for a proud old boat.

Click on photo to see more pictures of Kon-Tiki.

The boat is here photographed in one of the many bays that are to be found along the coast on the island of Krk - Croatia, where I have been 8 times with the boat, late summer 2004 where we had a few wonderful weeks. It was located in the port of Novalja, and from there it went to the islands of Pag, Maun, Olib, Silba and Veli Losinj. It also became a meeting with dolphins. In Denmark, we go to Tunø every year, a quiet island I never get tired of.

August 20, 2015 was the last trip. The boat was sold on April 8, 2016

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