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Apisada Duangchan la Cour

Apisada Duangchan la Cour

My real name is Apisada, but everyone calls me chew. I was born on June 10, 1976, come from Thailand, but now live in Denmark when I got married to a lovely Danish man on December 28, 2002, his name is Olaf la Cour. After a year we got a wonderful daughter, her name is Angelina. She was born on July 14, 2003.

My parents live in Bangkok. I'm number two out of a siblings flock of 3. My oldest sister is about 40 years old, still unmarried. My little sister is a few years younger than me, and married. She currently has 2 boys, Ohm and Ni. Ohm was born on October 2, 2004. They are both very nice boys.

I completed my degree at Shinakharinviran Pasanmit University with a master's degree in educational psychology. It has been approved here as in Denmark. Lic. I have now lived in Denmark since September 2002 and in June 2005 I finished the language school. In August 2006 I started at VUC in Herning, where I finished 10 classes in spring 2008 in Danish, English, mathematics and much more.

For a number of years I had various interpreting jobs for various municipalities in Central Jutland and a little instruction for AOF in the evening. On August 10, 2018, I started an education as a social and health helper. I am doing it now, and for spring 2020 I finished it. It doesn't give much time to travel to Thailand.

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