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Sex in my life

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This story "Sex in my life" is an erotic picture-story about the many sexual relationships I have had in my life since my boyhood. It is my story which is based on the first years where I went to bed with someone. In the beginning of my life, it was mainly relationships with girls, although my sexual debut was actually with an und man - the neighbor, who was a few years older than myself. Later, boys have started to play a bigger role, and here in the fall of my life, I would much rather go to bed with a boy than a girl. That's how I think a little too many have it, but since that kind of thing is taboo in our otherwise oh so tolerant society, it's not attitudes that many people want to share with others. I choose to be open about it, but parts of the story can ONLY be read if you are logged in. You can request access to my story here.

In the latter half of the 80s, I was a little too close to a couple of underage boys. The sexual relationship thus took place over 30 years ago, and is legally long overdue. With this article, I will not try to justify anything at all, but simply describe what actually happened at the time, something I still cannot change. In addition, the time was completely different. Child pornography had only just been banned, something many people are not even aware of today, so the attitude to sex with minors was of course also completely different.

The attitude in Danish society, I think, has gradually been completely derailed. There are young people in society who, at the age of 13-14, want to challenge the sexual boundaries, and they are usually quite clear about what it is they want and do not want. Some of them would rather have a debut with a much older, others with a peer. This has always been the case in society all over the world, and I believe that society interferes in something that does not concern them at all.

Right now we are seeing a fierce debate about circumcision of boys, a debate that does not affect those who are most vocal either. How easy it is to legislate about something you are not a part of at all. I myself was circumcised at the age of 45, and if I could choose, it would have been all right if my parents had allowed me to be circumcised as an infant.

Many in our society today believe that we are a thousand times wiser than just 100 years ago. Nothing can be more wrong, but with the arrogant attitude, our society is now governed for better or worse.

My story can only be read if you are logged in.

The first is about my earliest youth when I'm about 14 years old, that's the year 1968

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