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From birth to confirmation age

After my parents' death, I found some childhood pictures. Many of them were completely new to me, and I wish I had received them many years before. However, this is not the case. You are allowed here to view 17 selected pictures of me from my baptism day on September 12, 1954 up to my confirmation on April 28, 1968.

Here I am almost 3 months old in the baptismal dress together with my grandmother, September 21, 1954

JI must be about 1 year, 1955

I was born in Pedersker behind these windows. To the left is my big brother Steen, my mother, I and my father. I have to be about 1 year, so we write 1955

I'm right here with my big brother and grandfather - Anton Jensen

Probably the summer of 1960.

I can see in the picture that we have moved to Ilskov, which we did in 1960. The car was rented and we are on holiday, probably the west coast. It is probably from 1961.

This picture is probably also from 1961. It is my big brother Steen to the left, me in the middle and my little brother Bjørn to the right

This is from my grandmother's 75th birthday, that is, the picture from November 11, 1961. I see right along with my grandmother Anna, and my big brother left with my uncle - Gustav.

The picture is probably from 1961 - 62, my first school year. The picture was taken by the school photographer, who took several pictures of us when my father was a school inspector. It was then you could do it without a lot of trouble.

This is also from 1961 - 62, also taken by the school photographer.

The picture is probably from 1962 in the summer. It's me and my big brother

JChristmas 1965

In the summer of 1967 we were driven to Lake Garda, but ended up in Yugoslavia on the Istrian peninsula. Here I try to ride donkey

1968, probably shown after my confirmation

My confirmation with my parents

April 28, 1968, my confirmation

1968, The car was ready for the longest trip for us boys. We were going to Morocco in North Africa, a trip that lasted 6 weeks and 10,000 Km. There were not many people who had tried with a caravan at that time, but we met a Danish family at a campsite where there were t families. The trip ended in the palm oasis in the Sahara, but on the last trip it was without a caravan.

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