Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour

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Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour

Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour


Laurits Ulrik la Cour

Born on  6. April 1802, died on 27. Februar y1875


Ellen Kirstine la Cour (født Poulsen)

Born on  26. December 1809, died on 5. Marts 1875

Fathers father

Jørgen la Cour

Born on  2. October 1767, died on 3. September 1809

Fathers mother

Charlotte Guldberg

Born on  10. June 1777, died on 28. February 1826

Mothers father

Niels Poulsen to Rolsegård

Mothers mother

Dorte Dinesdatter

Born on  5. April 1773, died on 10. April 1834

About Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour:

Born 25 April 1844 on Skærsø. Died October 25, 1912. Son of Lauritz Ulrik la Cour and Ellen Kirstine Poulsen. Called after his father´s youth friend, who helped to buy Skærsø. Went in his uncle Peter´s boarding school at Margrethelund 1852-60. Taught the country´s home in the home and then went to Arresødal High School at his brother Jørgen 1864-65. Learned the country in Scotland in 1865. Rented in 1867 Skærsø (together with his brother Niels) also bought with his brother the farm in 1871, but in 1873 Niels transferred his share to his brother Jørgen, who then owned Skærsø together with Jacob Ludvig to Jørgens Died in 1898. He was from 1879-86 a member of Dråby Sogneråd and the first three of these years its chairman. For a number of years he was in the health commission (elected by the county) and snowman and eye-catcher and member of the local health commission (elected by the supreme council). In 1884, a centrifugal mill, which was subsequently operated as a joint dairy, was expanded and improved especially in 1887 and 1898. Almost all breeding buildings burned on 28 July 1887, but were rebuilt the same and the following years. In the years 1874-1890 he planted approx. 240 barrels of land and entered in 1897 with the entire area planted, approx. 300 barrels of land in the Hedeselskabet (took a peace forest commitment to it). In 1903 he bought his sister-in-law, Agate la Cour, who had inherited the co-ownership after his husband, of the community. He died on Skörsø on October 25, 1912, with a good pneumonia after a few days of sick leave. At his death it was said of him: "Jacob la Cour was dignified in his father´s footsteps and, like the father, was something of a pioneer man. In particular, he had thrown his love on the planting case. He did not participate much in public life but lived quietly Property, which he owned as a sole proprietor from 1903. "

Married first 24 April 1874 in Tilst with Johanne Cathrine Faurschou. Born 21 June 1851 at the Fredericks Memorial. Died on his 29th birthday 21st June 1880. Daughter of proprietor Jens Lassen Faurschou to Brændstrup and Ane Johanne Steenild. At her funeral, her name was about her: "She had known to create happiness, a home for her husband, whom he hardly had before himself. He went so often, often so hard-she came to understand him, Because she loved him, she carried light and warmth into his mind, like in his home, she helped him so faithfully to bear the burdens, and she doubled his joy. " In the short while she was a housewife at Skærsø, she understood to win everyone´s love and it was said about her-and that meant a lot-that the young lady related the old one and that the real need and urge did not seek in vain And advice on the old farm.

Married second time August 9, 1883 in Dråby with Thora Vilhelmine Herskind. Born 6th June 1853 in Aarhus. Died 25 March 1917 on Skærsø. Daughter of f. Timber trader Søren Herskind and Anna Margrethe Winther. Was ½ year in Alling pastoral retreat at Laven, also ½ years at Propr. Petersen at Holmstrupgård and 1½ years at the manufacturer Frich in Aarhus. On December 1, 1880, housekeeper stayed at Skærsø. (14 children - Skærsø line)