Anna la Cour

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Anna la Cour

Anna la Cour


Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour

Born on 25. April 1844, died on 25. October 1912


Thora Vilhelmine Herskind

Born on 6. Juni 1853, died on 25. mar. 1917

Fathers father

Lauritz Ulrik la Cour

Born on 6. April 1802, Died on 27. February 1875

Fathers mother

Ellen Kirstine la Cour

Born on 26. December 1809, die on 25. Marts 1875

Mothers father

Søren Herskind

Mothers mother

Anna Margrethe Winther

About Anna la Cour:

Born 11-11-1886 at Skaersø. Died 04-08-1974. Daughter of Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour and Thora Vilhelmine Hereditary. Examining the weave course in Aaskov in 1906 and 1910, To Edinburgh and Bodø in Norway, housed the house at Valsølillegård from 1913 to 1914, then at her sister in law Bettina Dornonville de la Cour in Copenhagen until 1915. The household took over for her brother Jens Lassen Faurschou la Cour at Frederiksminde, and conceived it for her marriage in 1923.

Married 27-04-1923 with Knud Høvring Christensen. Born 01-03-1882 in Grenå. Dead 18-11-1951. Son of Jens Peter Christensen and Kristine Høvring. Have been at the rural center since his youth, at a high school stay at Askov 1904, at the 1904-1990 farm school 1906-19, 1909-19 Managing Director at Birkelund belonging to Kammerherre N. Juel to Mejlgård and 1920-22 Managing Director at Frederikkesminde. Got a small property in 1923, but the later economic crisis in agriculture, crown rise and foot and mouth disease twice in a summer hit him so that it could be sold. Got a lease on Sallinggården at Pindstrup.

Below are a few pictures taken in Pindstrup Easter 1949.

Anna La Cour with her husband Knud Høvring Christensen

Anna La Cour with her husband Knud Høvring Christensen.

Gustav, Jørgen, Hans Peter and Poul la Cour Christensen

Gustav sitting to the right, Jørgen standing to the right.
The other two are Hans Peter sitting to the left and Poul standing to the left

Children of Anna la Cour:

Gustav la Cour Christensen, born on April 15, 1925. Death on September 25, 2009

Jørgen la Cour Christensen, born on November 8, 1926, died on July 20, 2018

Poul la Cour Christensen, born April 5, 1929, died about on February 5, 2015

Hans Peter la Cour Christensen, born April 20, 1933, died February 6, 2020