Jørgen la Cour Christensen

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Jørgen la Cour Christensen

Jørgen la Cour Christensen


Knud Høvring Christensen

Born on 1. Marts 1882 i Grenå.
Died on 18. November 1951


Anna la Cour

Born on 11. November 1886 on Skærsø, Dråby.
Died on 8. August 1974.

Faters father

Jens Peter Christensen

Born at 1841
Died at 1926

Fathers mother

Kirstine Charlotte Høvring

Born at 1852
Died at 1929

Mothers father

Jacob Ludvig Vauvert la Cour

Born on 25. april 1844
Died on 25. oktober 1912

Morthers mother

Thora Vilhelmine Herskind

Born on 6. juni 1853
Died on 25. marts 1917

About Jørgen la Cour Christensen:

Born on November 8, 1926 in Ørum, Djursland, married February 28, 1952, died on July 20, 2018, Herning Hospital.

Son of Knud Høvring Christensen and Anna la Cour. Took a preliminary exam from Ryomgård Real School in 1943 and a student graduation from Rungsted State School in 1946. Retired military service from 1946-48 and took a teachers degree in 1951. As a teacher in Haubro 1951-53 and in Pedersker 1953-59. First teacher and later school inspector in Ilskov at Herning1959-82. From 1982 School consultant at Herning Skolevæsen.

Married 28-02-1952 with Gerda Crone Jensen, born 14-07-1927 in Kjellerup, dead 12-04-2007. Daughter of Anton Jensen and Dorthea Hvidbjerg. Took Business School Examination in 1945 from Viborg Handelsskole. Taught at the office at Bryggeriet Odin 1947 and continued until 1952. Homemade housewife from 1952-71 and has since been an assistant at the Bytoften Center in Herning, specializing in salary and collective matters.

From the beginning of the 60's he went with the wife and the three children (Steen, Olaf and Bjørn) on holiday in not only Europe but also Morocco in North Africa. It was in the beginning with a tent, but quite quickly it became a caravan. He traveled with his wife to drive many tours around Europe until Turkey before the caravan was sold in the 80's. After the wife's death in 2007, there were several trips in Thailand where he visited us in Bangkok.

Children of Jørgen la Cour Christensen:

Steen Christensen født den 15. juli 1953, død den 1. november 1979

Olaf la Cour født den 21. juli 1954

Bjørn la Cour født den 28 juni 1957