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Olaf la Cour's descendants

I've been married more than once, and that means there are children from previous marriages. After the first shipwreck, my ex-wife left me many obstacles in the way of being able to see our children and it resulted in that went longer and longer between the times I saw them. I had shifting working hours and it was not something she wanted to fit into her calendar. I believed they would come when they got older, but at the time we had nothing to talk to each other about. There I was so wrong.

Since there is not the great interest from the 3 children of previous marriages to see me, then it is also limited what I have of knowledge about these 5 grandchildren, and should there be more, then they are unknown to me.


Angelina Duangchan la Cour
Born on 14. Juli 2003

Michael Jensen (født la Cour)

Michael Jensen (f. la Cour)
Born on 17. December 1981

Sabina la Cour

Sabina la Cour
Born on 7. May 1978
Merried, 3 børn

Lonni la Cour

Lonni la Cour
Born on 4. Ocktober 1975
Merried with Ole Norman la Cour, born on 25. September 1975, 2 børn


Lucas la Cour

Lucas la Cour, barn af Lonni la Cour

Emily la Cour

Emily la Cour, datter af Lonni la Cour

Daniel la Cour med familie

Daniel, daughter of Sabina la Cour (with familiy)

Rebecca la Cour med familie

Rebecca, daughter of Sabina la Cour

Alexander la Cour

Alexander, son of Sabina la Cour

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