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Olaf la Cour (โอลาฟ ลา คัว)

Olaf la Cour

I was born on July 21, 1954 in Pedersker on Bornholm. We stayed here until around 1960, when we moved to Ilskov - approx. 15 km north of Herning. We lived for the next 12 years in the school's residence until 1972, when we moved to Tjørring. Since then, no one has lived in this service home, and it is now used for changing purposes.
As a 21-year-old I moved away from home, and in the first few years I lived in Gullestrup. Some years later I bought a townhouse in Ikast, where I lived for a couple of years. I then moved to Herning in a house later known as "The Little House". Some years ago the house, along with some others, was demolished, and instead some older homes are now built. In 1984 I built the house here in Gjellerup, and here I still live with my wife - Apisada and my daughter - Angelina. Apisada I married in 2002, and the following year Angelina was born.

Som 21-årig flyttede jeg hjemme fra, og de første par år boede jeg i Gullestrup. Nogle år senere købte jeg et rækkehus i Ikast, hvor jeg boede i et par år. Jeg flyttede derefter til Herning i et hus senere kendt som "Det lille hus". For nogle år siden blev huset, sammen med nogle andre, raget ned, og i stedet er nogle ældre hjem nu bygget. I 1984 byggede jeg huset her i Gjellerup, og her bor jeg stadig sammen med min kone - Apisada og min datter - Angelina. Apisada giftede jeg mig med i 2002, og det følgende år blev Angelina født.

In the 80s, I traveled mainly in Greece, but in the 90s it was replaced by Yugoslavia. In the first year of the crisis, I sailed from Italy to Slovenia and further down the coast to Croatia. Travel to Croatia resumed in 1995, and in the years up to 2000 I was partly driving to Croatia, but also other Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Most times I drove to naturist campsites in northern Croatia. In the 1990s, I was in Thailand several times, and after the wedding in 2002 we built a house in Bangkok. This construction took place in the years 2005-2009. Here I now live 7 months a year.
In 1990 I bought myself a small motor boat, a boat I had until 2016. For many years it became part of my life. You can read more about it on the Kon-Tiki page

I 1990 købte jeg mig en lille motorbåd, en båd jeg havde indtil 2016. Den blev i mange år en del af mit liv. Du kan læse mere om den på siden Kon-Tiki

Just as many years back as I can remember, I have been attracted to nudism, or naturism, as it is also called. Either you are a nudist, or you are not, but for many people, nudism is something that many people don't talk about. In the 90s where I often came in Croatia, I was often on the nudist beaches, a couple of times also at nudist campsites. Unfortunately, my various partners have not always shared the same passion for nudism throughout life. This website also deals with this page of my life, with over 100 Naturistpictures.

I left school in 1971 after taking the extended technical preparation exam. This line in school existed for only a few years, and today it is not known by many. It was an intermediate between a real exam and the usual 8-10 class. I then learned as a radio mechanic on Sunds Radio "TV v / Kaj Hansen in Sunds, where I was until 1976. In the same year I earned my military service at the CF barracks in Herning, but had a lot of work next door. I still work as a radio mechanic, but at the Hi-Fi Center in Herning, until I changed work in 1980. I was now behind the counter to sell the equipment.
A couple of years later - in 1982 I got to work at the insurance company Alm. Fire. The work consisted of outreach sales of private insurance, and during the following four years the basis for my work in the insurance industry was laid. In 1986 I came to Eurodan house as a sales consultant. Here I was until 1988. At that time, the construction industry was in a new crisis and I chose to find another job. The choice then fell back to the insurance industry, where I was hired in Plansikring. Later, this company was taken over by the German company Provinzial in Kiel, and the name was later changed to Provinzial Denmark. In the following years I studied at the Insurance Academy in Rungsted. This exam was in house on April 24, 1992. It was 13½ good years until the company was taken over by Alm. Brand, and I was back in the company where I started. The party was over, especially when the person responsible for the transfer of Provinzial Denmark was not someone you could trust over a threshold.
On October 1, 2001, I started at Topdanmark. The first years were really good, but as the years went by, the tone became more and more shrill. The sales management had not yet discovered that no trees grow into the sky, and instead of taking care of the customers and employees you have, they did not care about both employees and customers. Here I was until May 2009, when I retired a little involuntarily. In the following years I have not had any work, and now that the age pension of the population is approaching, it does not happen either. I enjoy being in Bangkok, taking care of my small garden and otherwise enjoying the good weather on the balcony

In July 2019, I turned 65, and should be entitled to a state pension. It just wasn't quite like that. I became a pensioner, but for my own bill. The state has changed the rules for when I can get money for that, the country should preferably be able to afford shelters and work shocks migrants from the Middle East and Ivory Coast. Then I have to take as it is.


Below is a very old quote that I found many years ago. The boring is just that it still applies 2000 years later.

We worked hard, but every time we began to work, new plans for reorganization were launched. I learned later in life that we are inclined to meet any new situation through reorganization. And I also learned what wonderful method this is to create illusion of progress, while it actually causes chaos, inefficiency, and demoralization.

(Cajus was Roman official under Emperor Nero, and died in 66 AD.)

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