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My family tree

This Owerview shows the first 4 gennerations out of up to 8. For the sake of clarity, I have includedonly persons in the same line and thus there
are no cousinsm uncles etc. There are biographies on some of the people. Click on each photo or name to se more.

Mit stamtræ

Olaf la Cour

Olaf la Cour


Jørgen la cour Christensen

Born on November 8, 1926, died on July 20, 2018


Gerda Christensen

Born on Juli 14, 1927, died on April 12, 2007

Fathers father

Knud Høvring Christensen

Born on Marts 1, 1882 i Grenå, died on November 18, 1951

Fathers mother:

Anna la Cour

Born on November 11, 1886 på Skærsø, Dråby, died on August 8, 1974

Mothers mother

Anton Jensen

Born on Oktober 1, 1897 - Harboøre sogn, died 1960

Mothers mother

Dorthea Kirstine Jensen

FBorn on November 1897 1, Viborg, died on Juni 27, 1947, Viborg

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