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My web page is a description of my life where I have written a bit about it as means something to me. The website contains well over 7,000 images, partly in the above 100 photo albums and partly in travel descriptions etc. I started since 30 years ago, but especially in recent years it has taken the form of a professional site, and is appearing today just as well on a mobile phone as a large PC screen. All the many modules like it is built of are some I have put together myself so I do not depend on what a provider can offer. It has been a hobby for me to make it, and should you stand and miss a page at a reasonable price, then just contact me.

I live a large part of the year in Bangkok in Thailand, so therefore have the web page its very own section about the country with many pictures of our house over here as well travel descriptions, places I have come in recent years. Do you have questions relating to. Thailand, you are also welcome to contact me. Especially in these years with Corona, there have been many rules of entry.

There are i.a. a genealogy that goes back 8 generations, e.g. to Pierre la Cour who lived from 1716 - 1775 and an autobiography as well as pictures from my childhood. There are some pages with pictures from my house in Denmark, and last but not least not least, the site contains some information about naturism (FKK). This section is not public in all countries, but requires you to be logged in.

Some pages require you to be logged in as a user, so you want full access to my web, then feel free to create a profile on my page. Twice about this year I send out a news e-mail in which I tell a little about what has happened since last, both privately and on the site here. This can of course be deselected at any time. Read more about it here.


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