Houstrup Beach


Houstrup Beach

South of Hvide Sande is one of the most beautiful beaches along the West Coast. It's Houstrup Beach. It is visited every year by not only Danes, but people from large parts of Europe..
It is located at the position 55°45'45.80N - 8°10'34.41E

The beach consists of a naturalist beach - this one. You find it approx. 4-500 meters southward than the textile beach

This is the textile beach, directly from the parking lot

As seen, the textile beach is significantly more overrun. Some, therefore, have a problem showing themselves out of clothing to others..

On the naturist beach there is plenty of space

You can descend to the naturist beach by walking along the beach or through the beautiful dunes

The cliff is protected, but it is beautifully.

The parking lot is quite full on a hot summer day

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