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The climate in Thailand

Thailand has a tropical climate with 3 seasons ruled by the monsoon. The 3 seasons are:
1) The cool and dry (December - March)
2) The hot and dry (April - July)
3) The rainy season (August - November)

The seasons are controlled by monsoon rain blowing six months in each direction each year. The cool and dry are controlled by cold winds from the north, and the hot and dry are controlled by the warm air from the southwest.

In the summer it is hot wherever you are in Thailand, and rain can drop everywhere, mostly from Bangkok and South.

In the winter there is cold north, often down to 5 - 10 degrees at night

If you are not on a holiday with rainwear, then it's a go idea to study the climate from home. Here are 4 different regions, very different.


Year's forecast for Bangkok


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Year's forecast for Phuket

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