Pictures from Tunoe

Gjellerup Kon-Tiki Tunø

Pictures from Island Tunoe

I first came to Tunø on a windy spring day in 1996. It was before Tunø became one of the most popular Danish islands for the sailors. We were 7 who were out to dive but the weather was way too hard, so instead of sailing we went to Tunø and back again.

Throughout the summer the harbor is packed closely and when there is a harbor party or Tunø festival, you can actually go from boat to boat.

From the harbor and through the main street, you pass many old houses. However, there is not much left of the original houses, for August 5, 1852 burned in addition to the priest yard 15 farms and 16 houses.

Here you can see the inn and the church on the hill. The church has partly functioned as a church, but the tower is also a lighthouse.

Here's a look from the merchant down towards the harbor.

Like any other town, Tunø has also had a blacksmith. Smedcien is still there, but now it stands as a museum.

When you reach the end of the main street, the road turns up to the north and there is a beautiful sight.

This is the merchant. It closed a couple of years ago, but was resurrected when it was quickly realized that without a merchant, the island was ill.

Here is one of the many beautiful houses, a former farm on the main street

Tunø has a lot of agriculture, and from here some of the best vegetables come. They are sold down at the port during the entire high season from this car

On the east side of the island there is a beautiful beach, right in front of the campsite. The island is car-free, so there are only tents.

The harbor a little outside the high season. There are both, but not quite many.

Then there is Tunø party, and the whole grassy area from the harbor right up to the nursery is occupied by tents, music scene and tent for dining.

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