The house in pictures

Autum construction

My house in Gjellerup

I built the house in 1984. Since then, built in 1986, as well as garage, outbuilding, sauna etc. Here I will take you on a trip that started in 1984 with the purchase of the property.

The plot lay a little by itself with only one neighbor to the east and a house sloping towards north-west. Here, the base is cast in early July 1984. 3 weeks after the actual construction started.

The back wall and partitions have come up and we are ready for the roof

There have been rafters on the house and we are ready for the voyage, which was going to last a whole day.

The travel party is well underway

The outer wall is about to complete and a month has passed.

We are now in December 1984. It was an exceptionally cold winter. The garden has not happened so much in it.

In the beginning of October 1986, a conservatory was built.

The foundation is being set. This part is 26 m² so the house is then 164 m²

I have been toothed out where masonry must be joined, and a bricklayer helped me put the brickwork.

We are now in September 1989.

January 1996, also a winter with a lot of snow

It is now summer 2003. The garage has got a new roof, but it is just finished before I decide to make a small outhouse. Here is the base and floor cast.

The outhouse is almost finished.

November 2003. The garage is finished, the winter is at the door

Spring 2004. I am already in the process of extending the outbuilding. The reason was that wrong roof tiles, 4 pieces were delivered on the whole. When they were replaced, they could be included in this extension.

This was not the last thing that was built. In 2012 I built a sauna in the backyard. You can see it more here.

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