Autum in Gjellerup

Autum construction

Autum in our garden - year 2002 until now

Autumn (September - October) may be as good as it may be. There may be many good days of sunshine, but the opposite can also be the case. It's the time of the year, as I often plan the trip to warmer skies.

The oak tree was cut far back last year. There have been branches again, but they will be thinning later. The lawn was completely broken after the summer's drought, and it is still stained. (7-10-2018)

Behind the road, the birch tree has fallen and the small oak tree has been cut sharply. (27-9-2017)

In the front yard there was earlier grass, it is now replaced by gravel and bark. (27-9-2017)

Backyard with sauna in the background. (27-9-2017)

Hedge against the neighbor is now close. (27-9-2017)

Up against the road (north) The birch tree lost a branch, so maybe it smokes until spring. (29-10-2015)

The new hedge against the west is about to come up. 2 years more and it is close. (29-10-2015)

The area out to the road. (29-10-2015)

The southern part of the garden. (29-10-2015)

The sauna in the backyard is hidden well. (29-10-2015)

The view from the fireplace to the sauna. (29-10-2015)

September 5, 2010. Then autumn is on its way.

September 28, 2011. A year has passed and soon the leaves fall.5. september 2010


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