Summer in Gjellerup

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Summer in our garden - year 2002 until now

Summer is unconditional the best time of year, but summer also reminds us that the days are getting shorter. In summer, the sun goes down, but it will never be dark. The sun is in the sky from 3-4 oclock in the morning to 10 oclock in the evening.

Our new terrace in the corner of the garden has become a company of a sauna building during the summer. (07-09-2012)

In the spring the big guy was fell down, giving a little light. The inner row of beech is now closing. (19-09-2012)

The garden looked down from the end. To the right you will see our hazelnut shrub. They gave this year only 260 grams, against several kilograms in previous years (25-09-2011)

Here's a look up in the shell. The neighbor to the right has cleared everything, so there is only grass and tiles. The hedge has started to grow a little this year, but it will take 4-5 years before it just closes. (25-09-2011)

Down towards the road. A few years ago, the hedge for the end was renewed. There were quite large beech plants and now this year it is completely closed. (25-09-2011)

You can see the hedge for the end facing the road. Fully enclosed garden. (25-09-2011)

A walk up the fireplace room. To the left is the new hedge behind, but we have some trees on our side, so the garden is still relatively closed. The big guy is considered taken down as it throws so many needles. (25-09-2011)

Kitchen terrace. The tiles need to be refurbished, but it will not be until next spring. (25-09-2011)

Our new terrace in the corner of the garden is now complete, where the fish pond has been since the late 80's. Later in the summer it turned out that these days became the best. (30-05-2011)

The patio has got oil, so hopefully it will be nice next spring. Just this week, some of the better are where it has probably been the most of the time since the beginning of August. (25-09-2011)

Yes, it looked like in the garden in 2002. Down behind the pine trees were on their way. They have long fallen when a storm had more laid down.

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