Spring in Gjellerup

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Spring in our garden - year 2002 to now

Spring is one of the best times of the year for me. The sun is about to return, the first flowers come out of the ground, and it is now possible to stay outdoors for a long time. Funny enough, spring is also the time when temperatures can change the most, and some snow can still come on, but never goes on several days at a time.

Our new terrace in the corner of the garden has become a company of a sauna building during the summer. (07-09-2012)

Spring means hedgehogs (16-05-2016)

Spring also means long bright evenings, like here at 22:30 (23-05-2016)

Spring also means lots of flowers (24-05-2016)

Spring also means lots of flowers (24-05-2016)

Such a spring day can also be seen. Snow. (25-04 2016)

Spring is on our way and we have dinner with some friends. (01-05-2012). Two weeks later I started the sauna building. (You can see it here)

Spring is coming here this first day where the weather invites to sit out. (27-03-2011)

The beech tree on the right is about to jump out. In the rear there is a stack of woods, as the firebox is already full. (28-04-2011)

When the first flowers appear in the garden, spring is on its way. Here the yellow crocus. (13-03-2011)

Winter flovers will see you already in late February. Often they are covered by a thick layer of snow. (13-03-2011)



Spring 2002

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