Winter in Gjellerup

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Winter in our garden - year 2002 to now

The winter in Denmark starts right at the end of November and lasts until March. In the winter, the garden can look like this, but is often gray and sad without snow. The day of this season is only 6-7 hours and the sun does not rise higher than 11 degrees in the sky.

A look from the north into the garden. (01-02-2012)

A look up the fireplace room. (06-03-2010)

To the left are the bushes and shrubs seen behind a series of beech trees. These became a month later removed and a new beech hedge set. (06-03-2010)

Cold but beautiful it looks. (06-03-2010)

The sun is now a little listeners in the sky than in December. (06-03-2010)

The snow is still here in March as a thick duvet. (05-03-2010)

Area in front of the house with lights in front of the big stones. (05-03-2010)


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