Gerda Christensen

Me Family Tukta Children

Gerda Christensen


Anton Jensen

Born on 1. Oktober 1897 - Harboøre city.
Die in 1960.


Dorthea Kirstine Jensen

Born on 1. November 1897, Viborg.
Died on 27. June 1947, Viborg.

Fathers father

Mads Peder Jensen

Fathers mother

Christine Simonsen Langergaard

Moothers father

Peter Crone Hvidberg

Born on 12. June 1873
Died on 5. July 1952

Mothers mother

Ellen Marie Rasmussen

Born on 23. August 1872
Died on 23. January 1959

About Gerda Christensen:

Born July 14, 1927 (born Crone Jensen) - Hørup Sogn, Lysgård Herred, Viborg Amt

Dubbed  On August 14, 1927, in Levring Church, Hørup sogn, Lysgård Herred, Viborg amt

Died on April 10, 2007 at Herning Hospital

Buried at Tjørring Cemetery on April 14, 2007

Children of Gerda Christensen:

Steen Christensen born on July 15, 1953, died on November 1, 1979

Olaf la Cour born on 21 July 1954

Bjørn la Cour born on June 28, 1957

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