Ellen Kirstine la Cour

Me Family Tukta Children

Ellen Kirstine la Cour



Niels Poulsen til Rolsegård


Dorte Poulsen (born Dinesdatter)

Born on 5. April 1773, died on 10. April 1834

Mothers father

Dines Kristensen

Født on 6. Marts 1794

Son of Christen (Bruse) Kristensen og Dorthe Marie Pedersen (born Larsdatter)

Mothers mother

Kirsten Kristensen (born Kjeldsdatter)

Born in 1745, died on 8. maj 1829

Om Ellen Kirstine la Cour:

Born on 26. December 1809,  born Poulsen, died on 5. marts 1875

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