Cathrine Frederikke Schmidt Larsen

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Cathrine Frederikke Schmidt Larsen


Ole Larsen
Born on 30. Maj 1805, døie on 5. December 1868

Lessor of Kokkola vicarage at Grenå. Then gathered four farms in Tøstrup near Kolindsund to the proprietary farm Kirstinebjerg or Tøstrupgård. County councilor and county councilor, knight of Dannebrog.


Anna Gunild Cathrine Marie Larsen (born Sjørslev)
Born on 28. April 1807, died on 23. januar. 1875

Fathers father:

Peter Larsen
Born on 7. august 1768, died on 16. juli 1834

Son of Laurs Rasmussen, born January 13th. 1732, died on October 27, 1807 and Eddel Rasmussen (born Pedersdatter), born ca. 1741

Fathers mother:

Ane Margrethe Larsen (born Pedersdatter)
Born on 1772, died den 20. October 1845

Got 9 children

Mothers father:

Just Jensen Sjørslev
Born on 17. December 1775, died on 19. April 1814

1801 writer at the town bailiff in Mariager. Was a freight manager at Vindum Overgaard, when in 1805 he married Phillipine Cathrine Sabro. They have lived at Duelund near Kjellerup. In 1812 bought the 10 tdr hartkorn big farm Kjærsgaard for 35,000 rigsdaler.

Mothers mother:

Philipine Cathrine Erhardi (born Sabroe)
Born on 5. Juli 1780, died on 16. October 1845

Gunild Olivia Høvring skriver: Oldemor har jeg hørt omtale som en smuk men temmelig ubehagelig dame.

Om Cathrine Frederikke Schmidt Larsen

Born 1826, died 1896

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