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Olaf la Cour's descendants


Angelina Duangchan la Cour
Born on 14. Juli 2003


Michael la Cour
Born on 17. December 1981


Sabina la Cour
Born on 7. May 1978
Merried, 3 børn


Lonni la Cour
Born on 4. Ocktober 1975
Merried with Ole Norman la Cour on 25. September 1975



Lucas la Cour, child of Lonni la Cour


Emily la Cour, child of Lonni la Cour


Sabinas familiy, April 2016

Since there is no great interest from the 3 children of the past marriages to see me, it is limited what I have knowledge of these 5 grandchildren, and should there be more, then they unknown me.

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