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Here you can see and follow for a moment what matters to me - it's my life in pictures and text. The site today contains approx. 7,000 images, distributed with approx. 6,000 photos in my photo albums , the rest distributed over various descriptions. For me, building this has also been a hobby site right from the ground up and today it is built to be used on the many various platforms, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

The essential part of the site is the section on naturism, and today it is visited by 50-100 people worldwide. In addition, it is a description of my life with a family book which goes back 8 generations, e.g. to Pierre la Cour who lived from 1716 - 1775th.

Please note that there are nudist and nude pictures on the page. If you do NOT want to see them, press here to exclude them.

There are some pages with pictures from my house both in Denmark and Thailand where I live part of the year. There is also a section with travel descriptions and other information to and from Thailand

A couple of times a year, I send out a News Mail, which tells me a little about what has happened to the site since last. If you want to receive a news email, so order it here and get your own password to my web. You don't need to know me, but maybe you will.

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