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Here you can see and follow a little in what matters to me - this is my life in pictures. For me, it has also been a hobby to build this website from scratch, and today it is built to be used on the many different platforms, PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

I also have a section on naturism both in Denmark and Thailand.

My webpage is a story in pictures, and since then it holds approx. 7,000 pictures, distributed with approx. 6,000 pictures in my photo albums, the rest distributed over different descriptions.

I also have a section that tells something about who I am. In the same section there is a family book, in which I briefly described my ancestors and descendants.

A couple of times a year I send out a "news mail" in which I tell a little about what has happened on the page lately. If you want to receive a news mail, order it here. You also get your own password for my web. You don't need to know me, but maybe you get to it.

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